Monday, January 08, 2007

Is there an Apple Phone?

We will know in a few days what Apple is going to introduce during MacWorld:

  1. Apple’s much anticipated iTunes capable cell phone is the new worst kept secret in silicon valley.
  2. In US the trademark holder is Cisco who just recently announced a Skype-compatible Voice over IP phone
  3. Two days before MacWorld is due to open in San Francisco, where the top prediction is that Steve Jobs will finally pull an Apple-made cell phone out of his pocket once he’s on stage, what will he call it?

Apple is amazing: They don’t even have to make public mention of a product, let alone actually release a product, to generate column inch after column inch after column inch of speculation. Even Microsoft has to issue a press release to get articles written about non-existent products. That’s some wicked voodoo Apple wields.

Apple iPhone or whatever

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