Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Third Day 2007

Hello everybody, we are spending our holiday seasons up north in Sotkamo. I've been doing some Future trend tracking, tried to establish an early estimate about what to focus on this year 2007. We're still here for a few days before we move back to Loviisa.

  1. Drupal - I've been reading and educating myself about Drupal, but still having some problems in positioning the features, benefits and advantages of Drupal, but I’ll continue my journey into the secrets of Drupal

  2. Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 convergence - Ubiquitous is certainly an important trend. But easy access and computing everywhere is still far away from the fluency of PowerPoint presentations. Podcasting seems to continue as a US centric phenomenon, but I think we’re going to see more and more seminars documented with mobile video (the Hussein video is a horrible example, but does show, how easy and powerful mobile photography and video documentation is becoming). Phone’s are with us everywhere and the younger generation is already used to share their pictures and videos.

  3. 2007 will be a year of experimentation. We are going to see more Video and IPTV, Personal and Independent Publishing, Web Conferencing and Online Collaboration (VoIP, Skype, GoogleTalk etc.), Mobile Group Text Messaging, Mobile Content Delivery and Distribution

We try to prepare our organization (KK-Net, Clients and Partners) for a much stronger position in the web 2.0 world by tapping into knowledge sharing and open source inspired innovation methodology.

The goal is to improve tactics and strategies for sharing knowledge and supporting mobile work (work while on the move). We’re focusing on high definition (clear targets) new market discovery and search, a more open sourced intranet infrastructure and content management, as well as a broader use of social media and collaborative tools.

The gap between technological possibilities and the casual adaptation and use is still remarkably wide. We’ve a broad availability of very powerful networking tools at our disposal but the practical use is still very e-mail and intranet oriented.

Information distribution over the Internet has never been easier, but we still have a long way to go before the cross-border and cross-cultural collaboration becomes a second nature. Unprecedented opportunities are at the reach for SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises) when we are ready to grasp the real opportunities opening up through global networking. I try to think what we could do together:

  • Bring new technology supported business development services to the market

  • Build a multimedia collaborative open source innovation platform that attracts a broader SME and innovators population

  • How to stay constantly connected with the open source collaborators wanting to create something new and valuable in cooperation with customers and users

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