Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nokia wants to become a MC company

Nokia has been defined as a mobile phone company. The management would like to change this image. Nokia is certainly looking for a PC and MC converging future with some Web 2.0 glue in between.
  • MC = mobile computing
  • PC = personal computer
  • WEb 2.0 = something we think we understand (2 years learning curve)
Apple Computer dropped the Computer from its name. Nokia want to drop the mobile from its name. Nokia hopes to be come a MC company. I guess MC = mobile computing.

Time will show what these companies will become in the future. The history of Nokia includes a long time as a conglomerate. It has been a forestry company making toilet papers, tires, cables and aluminium profiles, televisions and whatever. The present Mobile destination has been around from the beginning of the 80´s. The big change happened 1992/3 when Jorma Ollila became the president of the company.

The ability for Nokia to change over time is remarkable.
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