Friday, February 23, 2007

Nokia in Southeast Asia

Razib Ahmed wrote in his Souteast Asia Biz blog June 14, 2006, "Nokia is going to make Dhaka its center for expansion in emerging markets of Asia. Bangladesh has already become an attractive mobile phone market with a user base of more than 10 million and by the end of 2006, this figure is expected to cross 15 million. Nokia officials are expecting that in addition to Bangladeshi market, the company will have a healthy growth in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives in the coming days."
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The story continues, "Nokia is going to set up a number of customer care center in Bangladesh to provide after sales service. I feel that the mobile phone market of Bangladesh has become big enough for the other big phone companies follow Nokia's example and make Bangladesh their regional base for the emerging markets of South Asia."

How about the invasion of Chineese mobile phones? When is that expected to start? We tend to focus on the existing big players. How about the new emerging manufacturers and less known brands from China? I understand that the prices of the newcomers are remarkably lower. Who knows about the prices of low-cost multifunction phones?
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