Tuesday, October 09, 2007

People and Innovation

How can we become more innovative?
  1. Why are people the source of innovation?
  2. The roadblocks to innovation
  3. The innovative products and services
  4. The fear of failure is the major barrier to innovation
  5. Challenges with innovation with own employees and business partners
  6. Collaboration beyond the average level is very important
  7. Building connections inside and outside organizations
  8. How can we build an innovation fostering organizations?
  9. Encouraging
  10. What are important to focus on?
  11. People love to participate
  12. They need the support and the air cover
  13. People can take risks
  14. Traditional views of diversity
  15. People who look at things from a different ways
  16. Key connectors: they bring in other people
  17. The informal networks
  18. How to increase the visibility of ideas
  19. How to leverage ideas with practice
  20. Social networks
  21. The emergence of large scale brainstorming events
  22. The collective wisdom
  23. Driving innovation
  24. Jam sessions to drive ideas
  25. Sponsor at top levels of the organizations
  26. Going beyond the organizational walls
  27. Intellectual property
  28. How to facilitate these kinds of interactions?
  29. It is a responsibility of a large group of leaders of the organization
  30. Providing that ear cover for that innovative project
  31. The role of the CEO
  32. The line of business leaders
  33. What does it mean for this business leader?
  34. The talent management and have the right people in place
  35. Need to have different type of infrastructure
  36. There are a number of technologies to help to leverage
  37. People and innovation!
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