Saturday, February 10, 2007

Zune is coming

New phone's are coming out. Nokia is going to release a new communicator and Microsoft is most probably coming out from the box with a Zune.

CrunchGear’s Matt Hickey has been tracking rumors about a Zune phone for the last week. What began as a reliable tip is now a solid story: Last Monday Microsoft filed an application with the FCC for an enigmatic wireless device that could be used to talk over the Internet.

We’re waiting for a “consumer broadband access and networking device.” Zune is going to use “OFDM as its communications protocol, not WiFi or Bluetooth.” Sprint/Nextel may be the carrier, since they are building out a 4G network that will work with the OFDM standard.

Is Apple late? The story goes that, “this device may be available in May, a month before the iPhone. Microsoft is hitting back. Are we going to see download speeds of up to 2Mbps.

Mat Hickey writes that we can expect more news from “Redmond around March 17, 2007, St. Patrick’s Day, at which time we should learn the name of the device… and the Zune Phone will hit the streets sometime in May, a full month before the iPhone.”

The giants figth about about who is going to be the future master of the mobile world is heating up. New strategical positionings of PR and sales troops, and mobile gear is new entering the final rumor state. The information about the new tools will soon be out. We can see clandestine photos and more information will come soon. Nokia is going to build more Nokia stores.

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