Thursday, March 29, 2007

Apple TV

From its tiny enclosure to the slick onscreen interface, the Apple TV is exactly the sort of user experience you'd expect from the designers of the Mac and the iPod. Apple TV is like a networked iPod that connects to your widescreen TV.

  • The Apple TV is designed to interface only with wide-screen TVs

The Apple TV has an internal 40GB hard disk (33GB usable space) that can be synced with an iTunes library running on a single PC or Mac during the wizard-like setup process. But you can also stream music, movies, TV shows and podcasts from as many as five additional computers.

  • The Apple TV supports 480p (enhanced-definition) and 720p and 1080i (high-definition) output, as well as international 50Hz derivations thereof.

The Apple TV is the only network media system that can play music, movies and TV shows purchased on the iTunes Store.

  • Apple TV is Apple's first product designed for the living room
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