Saturday, March 31, 2007

Corporate Blogs Finland #001 conclusion

I'm ready for the first conclusion. Most of the blogs I found with the reference "Corporate Blogs Finland are informative". The writing styles are not very personal. The posts are well written and logical, but the posts are not trying to persuade or entertain. This is the beginning of my journey to the corporate blogging world. I have only analyzed a handful so far.

Spring is coming. The light is getting brighter. The wind doesn't have that cold bite to it anymore. This work will continue for some time. Business and Corporate blogging is such a new thing. There isn't much to look for in the Finnish blogosphere. But I keep on digging. I suppose there are quite a few hidden corporate blogs, written by people who are writing about the company but using smoke screens. There is a Swedish study saying that 4 % of Swedish companies have corporate blogs. How many CEO's are blogging? I guess the number is very small.
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