Sunday, March 25, 2007

Digital Planet BBC

Digital Planet. Description: Find out how the digital revolution is changing our lives. Presenter Gareth Mitchell brings you the latest gadgets, novel uses of technology in the far flung corners of the world and analysis of the hi-tech issues that affect you.

Podcast News Feed: Preview podcasts by clicking the podcast icons below. This will download or open the show MP3 files, depending on your computer's configuration. To use the shows with a podcast client, add the news feed URL above. BBC Digital Planet March 19 2007.

Mobilising protest in Zimbabwe with mobile phones.Behind the scenes of Microsoft research. And DIY tech hackers. Podcast feed details are provided by the individual podcasters.
  1. They are blocking out short-wave radio with expertise assistance and training from China
  2. Blocking might be extended to sending of text messages. The text can be used to an awful lot. There is only 160 letters that can be used. What kind of messages are you sending out? BBC lets people know what is happen. Reporting accurate news.
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Open Source hardware. Schematics and diagrams. It can be high-level. Giving away the design a people build the gadgets themselves.
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