Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Networking trends

We are going to see more wifi/ubiquitous computing and extraction of knowledge. One thing that did strike me as odd: the prediction that e-collaboration in the workplace will be enabled by biometric technology. What could that be?

  • Geography means nothing in the IP space
  • Wireless Internet will be big and will drive mobility
  • Knowledge-based mining will transform the way people do business
  • IP will eat everything, meaning all systems and networks will eventually use Internet-based protocols
  • Convergence of communications and applications will become a reality: networks will be the computer
  • Companies will move away from information mining and toward knowledge-based mining
  • Sensor networks [such as radio-frequency identification technology] will be everywhere
  • Broadband will be common and will lead to [the] death of locality
  • Network convergence is driving IT and will change the way businesses use communications technology in the future
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