Friday, March 30, 2007

Satama's Eeva-Liisa Ylälahti

I follow the Google track: Corporate Blogging Finland. The person below is next on the list. The blog is Voice Satama. I try to get an idea about what Satama Voice is writing about.

"In this article Satama’s Director Eeva-Liisa Ylälahti discusses the various approaches to analyse consumer behaviour and means to bring consumer understanding as business-relevant as possible." Eeva-Liisa is writing.

There are several persons posting to this blog. The blog is about mobility, Internet services, Web 2.o, connected services, mobile marketing.

Does the marketer need to understand the buying process of a consumer in the market for a vacation package, mobile phone, or a new home? Yes – by understanding the consumer’s buying process, the marketer can learn to both manage and make the most of media convergence.

This is the jargon of a service provider. There is a well written content. Several persons are contributing. I try to analyze if there is a specific voice or tendency.

Does the consumer in the market for a vacation package, mobile phone, or new home need to understand media convergence? No – the consumer simply lives media convergence by using different marketing channels in a variety of ways and by moving back and forth between channels in search of products and/or services.

This is a Corporate blog written by a knowledgeable collective. I'm not yet ready to jump to any conclusions. This blog is informative. I get an understanding about the company and its know-how.

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