Friday, March 23, 2007

What do we have to talk about today?

What do we have to talk about today? We have already moved over to March 23, 2007 and there is still no news about Nokia or Motorola buying Palm. The rumour has been on the news and blogosphere for most of this week, but nothing substantial hasn't happened. But what a week? We've been into negotiations. We got a few steps forward. But that's another case. More about it later.

I've been blogging about it, the Palm case. Yesterday's big news was the results alarm from Motorola. They are correcting their estimate for revenue growth. They miss their target with one billion dollars. The result is going to be negative. The price war with Nokia has been taking the toll.

Motorola has to change strategy or soon they need to change management. The statement of Motorola passing Nokia in market share within 1 000 days has to be changed. It might take 10 000 days? Motorola is bleeding and it's estimated that Nokia is going to gain from this. Price pressure from Motorola will decrease. What about the rising giants in Asia? Chinese manufacturers, what about their ability to play with best prices?

What if Symbian isn't the right thing in the long run? That could explain one thing that happened about a month ago. There was a company that dropped a Symbian project, but it's probably not a coincidence with this. I don't think so. But how will they get Symbian into USA? I'm so confused. There is another thing. That's about Texas. That was also related to Symbian. Is this about operating system sea change?

Nokia has said that the mobile phone will become the iPod killer. That's quite a statement for a company that has to get its act together in the US market. Apple is so much ahead, at least with the MP3 players, and about the iPod we don't know yet. Let's wait and see. At the end of the year we are going know more.

The show must go on. We are most likely going to hear things about Motorola, Palm and Nokia in the coming days. The companies have not been denying the rumours. Palm might be the big winner. The price tag 2 billion dollars for a few percentages more market share is considered high for Nokia. Palm isn't the best choice technically either. A merger and mix of Motorola and Dell might lead to a happier marriage.
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