Sunday, April 01, 2007

Business blogger from Ireland

"As I mentioned previously, the bloggers in the Irish Business Blog category are collaborating in creating a special report about business blogging in Ireland where we will share tips and best practice from our own experience of authoring a business blog." Writes Krishna De. Learn more about here: listen to the business blog podcast.
  • To promote your business
  • Low-cost blogging platform
  • Keeping customers easily updated
  • Clients can give their comments
  • Easiest of platforms for the use of SME's
  • The advantages of a blog compared with a static web site
  • We can start conversations with people in the business
  • It can assist you in product development
  • How to build a personal brand online
  • We need to be found online today
  • Not dependent on anybody else
  • Publishing in a flexible way
  • No need for a big budget
  • How many postings?
  • How about time?
  • Easy to use


  1. Create a compelling vision
  2. Focus your market
  3. Build a distinctive brand
  4. Develop solutions
  5. Implement a marketing programme
  6. Deliver customer service
  7. Inspire and develop a team
  8. Leverage your network
It's possible to get lost in the blogosphere and use a lot of working time to search for new information. Examples of time and platforms
  • A few posts a week
  • Some use 10 hours a week
  • What are the platforms used?
  • Using own hosting platform
  • LiveJournal
  • WordPress (open source software)
  • TypePad
  • Blogger
What are the business benefits
  • ROI?
  • Not always clear
  • It's helping, it's a slow process
  • Building the reputation online
  • Building a brand and a profile
  • It's very powerful in connection with conferences
  • You can post comments and blog the conference live
  • You can continue the discussion after the conference
  • How about the business benefits?
  • Incoming calls from clients
  • Helping to brand online
  • Search engine ranking
  • They look you online
  • Business presence
  • Positioning me
  • On Google
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