Sunday, April 01, 2007

Business Jive Profiling Entrepreneurs

This is from Business Jive. "Armed with a unique philosophy of software development that challenges even the most agile, Jason Fried’s company, 37 Signals, is building products that are revolutionary, if only by virtue of how little they actually endeavor to accomplish. Fried discusses his professional background and the foundations of his less-is-more approach to business and life."
  • 37 Signals started 1999
  • Making things easier was one of his goals
  • Making documents should be a continuous process while you're doing stuff
  • It was for the process the documents were made
  • You can't make decision about things when you get starte
  • In the beginning you don't have a lot of information
  • Making the decisions up front doesn't make sense
  • As you work, things starts to emerge
  • The old plan, make the decisions when you have the information
  • Can you change the standard default way
  • The product is the interface
  • Build the product around that experience
  • Design the interface first
  • Make the work a more enjoyable experience
  • Write a functional specification
  • The illusion of agreements

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