Saturday, June 02, 2007

Motorola CEO Eyes Europe As Key To Comeback - Technology News by TechWeb

Motorola CEO Eyes Europe As Key To Comeback - Technology News by TechWeb: "NEW YORK - Motorola sees improving its European business as a priority for helping boost sales of high-end mobile phones with advanced features, Chief Executive Ed Zander said Thursday.

While the world's No. 2 mobile phone maker has a bigger share of the U.S. market than global leader Nokia, its European market share lags well behind that of the Finnish company.

'That's been our biggest problem,' Zander said during an investor conference Webcast.

Zander noted the market for mobile television, gaming and other wireless data services is further developed in Europe than in the United States, creating demand for higher-priced phones with more advanced features and higher-quality cameras.

'It's not the unit number as much as the revenue figure you get ... There's an eco-system of applications in Europe that doesn't even exist here,' Zander said. 'We have to go get a piece of that action.'

Motorola partly blamed its first-quarter loss and weak phone sales on a failure to produce advanced phones, for Europe in particular.

Along with Nokia, Zander cited smaller rival Sony Ericsson, a venture of Sony Corp. and Ericsson, as a formidable rival in Europe.

On a global basis, Motorola's market share fell to 18.5% in the first quarter from 20.3% in the same period a year ago. B"
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