Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Time travels fast

Hello, time travels; have to apologize for not being here for a while. We have been busy with a number of things.

  • CRM for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs)
  • Biofuel, bioreactors, bio-ethanol and visions about a future bio based economy
  • Microbiological measurements applied to paper machines and cellulose processes
  • Co-creation of a book about Open Enterprise (Enterprise 2.0) and my role being to write about collaboration and open global innovation 1970 – 2010; theme Virtual organisations in time

The book project consists of a team of 15 people dispersed around Finland. Most of the participants are working together for the first time. The lesson seems to be that radically new working models are working in teams with little or no previous corporate culture. Openness is fostered by the uniqueness and “the strangers” are motivated to work together for the common goal.

The technical platform for collaboration and production of material is the same as CONSEN is using.

We do now have more experience of various Basecamps working with different collaborative teams. Some teams work better together and others don’t get it. Open collaboration should be easy from a technical perspective, but the productivity and innovativity is hampered by old fashioned ways of sending emails or working as individuals from our desktops.

Time is also a factor. There are many knowledge workers spending so much time on the road that they don’t get the time windows to make their entries. Mobile collaboration is still in its infancy.

We have a nice summer climate in Loviisa, Finland today. The climate change is giving us more sunny days. There is no reason to complain about that. How about the rest of Europe, and Climate change, how big is this issue politically? What kind of technological solutions are discussed? Is there a new industry emerging to fight climate change? What are the weak signals about consumer attitude changes?

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