Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What makes Apple Tick in the Media?

Apple gets a lot of attention. What is the explanation for Apple's success? The image has never been so strong and glorified.

  1. The idea that Apple is innovative
  2. The iPod changed a lot
  3. Apple has learned how to approach and embrace the consumers
  4. The company has learned to co-create and innovate with the media
  5. The media darling knows how to build the hype
  6. Community building: rock star fun club metaphor
  7. Fundamentalist followers and supporters
  8. The Apple Store's are retail innovations as well
  9. The company has optimized the supply chain
  10. How open is Apple?
  11. They know how to use secrecy
  12. iPhone is a big test of the company's ability to grasp $10 billion dollar opportunities
  13. The pre-sales and advance information buzz is stronger than for any other ICT company
  14. The message gets through to the consumers
  15. The press and media is doing a big part of the job for free
  16. Apple and Jobs are big news like Paris Hilton or rock stars
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