Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Anne Truitt Zelenka » A blog about the connected age

Anne Truitt Zelenka » a blog about the connected age: "What is mindfulness? Living in the present moment, keeping an open awareness, and maintaining a nonjudging stance. The more mindful you are, the less reactive and stressed you will be. The more mindful you are, the more you can experience the little and big joys your everyday life offers you."

Anne Truitt Zelenka is a writer, web technologist, and blogger. She serves as editor of Web Worker Daily. You can contact her via her Gmail account, anne.zelenka. Read more.

Helge: What do I think about the Connected Age? I guess, by European standards that I' m fairly connected. I use the web as a communication work hores. The channels created are working, not to perfection, but I've a pretty good idea about what I want to cover in the various channels.
  • instant messaging makes distance workers feel less isolated.

Twittering is the talent of telling short stories with 140 characters. It is demanding for anybody and what if English isn’t the native tongue. It’s a challenge. I learned about Anne Truit Zelenka through a Twitter.

It took me some time to join Facebook. I’ve a Myspace account but has been using it randomly. No one seems to care about that. Most people think that they don’t feel the need to be more accessible than they already are with mobile phone and email. I certainly don’t need to increase my email load.

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