Monday, July 16, 2007

The Enterprise isn't very social yet

Social Collaboration, Virtual Organizations, Knowledge management, easy to use project management and CRM tools for organizations with distributed work forces; How to organize innovative projects based on open source collaboration models; new networks of relationships and how to attract talented people and motivate cross-border collaboration.

We’ve been talking today about how to improve the business planning process. I think we are good on collecting and analyzing information. The search and analytics is ok, but we need to improve on the output side.

There is a clear global perspective but the detailed communication is still too sketchy. It isn’t easy to grasp the core message.

Social Media provides an interesting toolset and toolbox for the development of the communication process, but there are far too many tools. The average user isn’t going to use all of them. It’s still a small minority of companies that are seriously looking into Enterprise 2.0 and Virtual Organization models.

Customers are going to need sales and support channels as a customizable service. The practical development has to find the target with much shorter delay. The throughput of new concepts does take to long.

Social Collaboration can sound strange for business people, but there is a sense in stressing on the social. We can embrace a much larger audience with “social” compared with “business”. Business as usual isn’t the name of the game anymore.

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