Monday, July 23, 2007

Florida's students are opting for the convenience of online courses

Florida's students are opting more and more for the convenience of online courses -- "Online education could become an even higher priority as Florida's university system reviews its structure, trying to find ways to become more efficient.

As part of that process, which began this year and will continue during the next several months, a planning consultant suggested that the university system take on a bigger leadership role in distance learning, even suggesting an elaborate plan to establish what could become a 'virtual university.'

Initially, the distance-learning initiative could be more of a clearinghouse of degree programs offered by individual universities rather than a separate, degree-granting institution, the consultant suggests. But the state could eventually emulate initiatives in other states, most notably Illinois and Georgia, which have built strong online-degree programs using home-grown courses drawn from its public universities."

Helge: This is a new and interesting trend.
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