Wednesday, July 04, 2007

iPhone review - Engadget

iPhone review - Engadget: "The first solid info anyone heard about the iPhone was in December of 2004, when news started to trickle out that Apple had been working on a phone device with Motorola as its manufacturing partner.

About ten months later, under the shadow of the best-selling iPod nano, that ballyhooed device debuted -- the ROKR E1 -- a bastard product that Apple never put any weight behind, and that Motorola was quick to forget. The relationship between Apple and Motorola soon dissolved, in turn feeding the tech rumor mill with visions of a 'true iPhone' being built by Apple behind the scenes.

After years of rumor and speculation, last January that device was finally announced at Macworld 2007 -- and here we are, just over six months later -- the iPhone, perhaps the most hyped consumer electronics device ever created, has finally landed. And this is the only review of it you're going to need."

Helge: Today we know what the iPod looks like and what it has been eating. European's will not learn about the advantages and some added features until christmas. Will the hype and buzz continue in Europe and Asia?
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