Sunday, July 29, 2007

Talking tech on Family 2.0 (a niche of Web 2.0)

I will be looking into Ning and its applications. Europe is behind US in social media. Twitter is a good example. We've Jaiku but the intensity is much lower.

Talking tech on Family 2.0 (a niche of Web 2.0): "Ning is a platform that allows anyone to create a social network in seconds. Using a templated process you select your themes and features. They have just raised $44m in venture funding and they are based in Palo Alto. I think its a great idea to provide a platform for anyone to express, share and socialize around any topic you wish. Ning, I in my opinion, is going up against Wikia and Demand Media. In terms of us as a competitor, I do get asked “so what’s different between the ‘vibEngine‘ platform and Ning?”

I do refer people interested in the vibEngine, to Ning who’s platform may be more suited (ie. set up a social network for free and almost instantly)…rather than creating a company providing a site, such as

Richard from ReadWriteWeb, did a great comparison and I thought I would clarify a few points on the ‘vibEngine‘

* Vibe focuses on the customized market, corporates and budding entrepreneurs in equity or licensing options.
* We white label, as well as launch our own sites in key markets.
* The ‘vibEngine’ contains what we call our ’special or secret sauce’ of member ranking algorithms.
* We are a cross between, Wikipedia/Wikia, Myspace and TripAdvisor, not just a pure social network..."
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