Thursday, July 05, 2007

TwitterGram: Home

TwitterGram: Home: "May I have your TwitterGram, please? Please enter the username and password for your Twitter account. This information is used for authentication, and allows you to cross-post TwitterGrams to your account in addition to the global account. The username is returned as a cookie, so you don't have to enter it every time you use the site. We do not retain a copy of your password.

Twitter username:


Check this box to post to the global account and your personal account. If checked your friends will see the gram in addition to all the people who are following everyone's TwitterGrams.

A TwitterGram has a title and a small MP3 file. The title explains the gram, it must be no longer than 75 characters, to allow room for the URL of the MP3, which is about 50 characters. The MP3 file may be no larger than 200K, although we won't reject MP3s that are just a bit bigger than 200K, we're not saying how much bigger.

Also, you may not post more than one TwitterGram every ten minutes. This limit is not strictly enforced, but it will be, at some point, to help keep down TwitterGramSpam. :-)"

Helge: I need to read more about this. Sounds like a cool application.
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