Monday, July 30, 2007

NowPublic, citizen journalism site, expands with $10.6M

I wrote a few stories in Huliq. I guess the citizen journalism can lead into a new puplishing model. This example shows that SJ is able to attract VC. The Vancouver based venture says it now has 118,000 contributing journalists. That's quite a number.

Matte Wingram is a journalist. He writes about the Fininacing in his blog. "I'm a technology writer with The Globe and Mail in Toronto, and this is where I blog about things I come across on the Web. Send me an email at mathew (at), or for a little more info about me, click on the picture."

I got this link from Twitter and
Scoble's Link Blog scobleslinkblog NowPublic, citizen journalism site, expands with $10.6M -

VentureBeat » NowPublic, citizen journalism site, expands with $10.6M: "NowPublic, the citizen journalism site that lets individuals take pictures and post articles about news they see going on around them, has raised $10.6 million in a first round of capital.

NowPublic, based in Vancouver, says it now has 118,000 contributing journalists, more than the 50,000 or so journalists at a competing site, OhmyNews. Once NowPublic contributors submit their news, NowPublic puts it on its own Web site, but also offers it up to news organizations, such as Associated Press, which can select the reports, photos or videos they want. These organizations may choose to take content only from top-rated journalists, and from those attending events that they couldn’t otherwise get to. They pay a fee to get this content. We last wrote about NowPublic when it raised $1.4 million in angel funding.

Chief executive Leonard Brody said it was the largest first round funding for any citizen journalist site. OhmyNews, a site based in Korea but which is now international, raised $11 million in a second round of financing. OhmyNews is somewhat different, however, in that it hires journalists and pays them based on advertising revenue it gets to its site."
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