Sunday, July 29, 2007

Web Communication Experiment: Blog vs. Facebook vs. Twitter » Publishing 2.0

Web Communication Experiment: Blog vs. Facebook vs. Twitter » Publishing 2.0: "With some wickedly smart and prescient people having invested in Twitter and with Jason Calacanis having quit Facebook (high profile anti-hype is always an interesting sign), I’m going to invest some time in trying to figure out how to maximize the utility of these two applications, particularly for communicating on the web — Fred Wilson’s right that communication is a big part of what the web enables.

Helge: The Social Media is cluttered with applications, platforms and tools. New things are added on a daily basis. Nobody has the time to play with all of them.

Currently, my principal platform for communicating on the web is this blog — I post ideas here and discuss them in the comments, or people respond on their own blogs — sometimes what I post is responding to an idea somebody else posted. Everything else comes and goes through email and IM, although a considerable amount of that is driven by the blog. Of course, Google Reader is the other key piece of my asynchronous web communications, keeping up with what other people post on their blogs.

Helge: I've bee testing several platforms, but the blogs I write are the workhorses. I write several blogs in Finnish and English, some Swedish. The idea is to document what is happening in the biz and tech world.

So I’m going to use this blog as a yardstick to measure the value of Facebook and Twitter. The big obvious difference is the scale of my communication network. When I post on this blog, it goes out to thousands of people. On Facebook I have 41 friends. On Twitter I have 21 follows. So I can talk to thousands of people, or a few dozen."
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