Saturday, August 04, 2007

Against Open Culture | AlwaysOn

I wrote a Finnish language blog in our leading business daily, Kauppalehti, today about Andrew Keen's controversial statements against Web 2.0. His book "The Cult of the Amateur" is getting attention and Andrew Keen appears as a counter Web 2.0 culture speaker in many seminars. I guess the critique is good.

Jason Calacanis decleared Facebook "bankrupt" in his blog and there was a lot of twittering about his one-sided declaration. Social Media is also becoming a major time wasting activity for a lot of people.

I have often questioned the sanity of maintaining several blogs. Today I wrote about Social Media in my Jaiku. The Finnish market is very small and a national social media doesn't provide many market opportunities for new products or platforms. Jaiku is a good example of a SM site with a global strategy and user base.

Innovating Social Media in Finland means that you have to accept that basically no local market exists. You have to think and act globally.

The Finnish Social Media market is emerging but small. Web 2.0 Social Media is a global phenomenon.

Keen's opinion is that much of the content on world's 70 million blogs is crap with no real value. We, amateur bloggers, should feel responsible. Ok, critique is great, Keep on blogging. Your opinons and insights are valuable. But it's good to have the critique as well.

Against Open Culture | AlwaysOn: "By Andrew Keen, author of The Cult of the Amateur: How the Internet is killing our culture. This is an excerpt of Keen’s article that appears in the Summer edition of the AO Blogozine.

Why on earth are you against open culture?” a Silicon Valley insider confronted me after I spoke at OnHollywood in May this year. I might have insulted his mother or his god, so irate was the tone of his accusation. This insider’s outrage is typical. Since the publication of my book, The Cult of the Amateur, I have become the Darth Vader of Silicon Valley—the personification of digital incorrectness. Let me respond with a closed confession to you all, the always-on community of insiders. Let me explain why I prefer closed to open culture. Let me convince you of my heresy."
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