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Helge: It's a long way from Sotkamo to Gnomedex and other Web 2.0, RSS, Social Media, Second Life, Facebook, TechCrunch20, Demo, and other events on the West Coast of US. Blogs, podcasts and webcasts bring those events to my laptop located 12 hours flight time away from Seattle or the Silicon Valley. » Blog Archive » Saw Patti Smith tonight…and thoughts on Gnomedex ‘07: "You want a good task for Gnomedex 08 Chris? Make part of it on the streets of Seattle, coming up with technological solutions to the povery, drugs and lack of health-care that exists on the very streets outside the conference hall.

Helge: Should social media be more take more social responsibility? Now millions of people create content (UGC) and a few creators of the platforms are able to bank on the social responsibility they are taking to make the very few to millionaires - at least on paper.

We pay attention to some stupid fight between overweight white guys inside a conference hall, where outside there are significant problems that we ignore for the sake of our own false prophet building. We came close. Really close to something amazing. Darren and Derek approached that dark area that no one wants to enter.

Helge: What is this dark area?

The area that makes us question our motives and understanding of our world THROUGH technology rather than using technology as a means to validate our own insecurities with unneeded self-import. RSS feeds will not feed a person for a year.

Helge: Converting knowledge to something that brings food on the table...and clean water in most part of the world. These are big questions.

The power of what is decentralized communication could bring just might, but we don’t look at that. Gnomedex showed that we’re all so caught up in being clever, irreverent, ironic and competitive (myself included) that we forget the real power granted through every glowing screen in the room."

Helge: The next step is Socially Responsible Media.

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