Monday, August 06, 2007

Confessions of a LinkedIn Dropout

Helge: I've never got started with LinkedIn but I'm very happy with Facebook. I'm only two weeks into Facebook and two years of Xing. I don't know why my interest for Xing has been decreasing after a very good start. Facebook hype is attracting participants and the result is a rapid growth of relevant connections.

Jeff Pulver in Business Week: Confessions of a LinkedIn Dropout: "Are you on Facebook yet? Maybe you should be. I made this pronouncement on my blog recently, encouraging my friends and contacts to join me in leaving LinkedIn behind. Little did I know the ripple effect it would have.

Within hours of my posting, several high-tech bloggers took note of the move and started their own LinkedIn vs. Facebook discussions, many asking whether Facebook, a site that began as a social network for college kids, could replicate LinkedIn, a network aimed at helping professionals forge and maintain business connections.

Hundreds of my contacts who did not have a Facebook account as recently as March were swarming Facebook by mid-July. Everywhere there were 'Facebook for Business' blog posts, and the network, it seemed, had suddenly recaptured the attention of key executives across the media, entertainment, communications, and Internet fields."
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