Friday, August 31, 2007

Gmail - The Latest from TechCrunch

Helge: Chat is an interesting feature. Haven't tryed it yet. This is my Jaiku.

Gmail - The Latest from TechCrunch: "Jaiku Adds Instant Messaging Posted: 30 Aug 2007 02:00 AM CDT jaiku.jpg Microblogging platform Jaiku has added Jabber-based instant messaging capabilities to its service. The new feature will allow Jaiku users using Jaiku’s Web, iPhone, and Nokia Series 60 smart phone clients to communicate with users on Jabber-based IM networks including Google Talk.

Functionality includes the ability to instantly add and read new posts, comments, channel messages, and receive notifications of inbound responses directly. Jaiku already provides a number of extra features that are not currently available on the more popular (and it’s main competitor) Twitter.

Jaiku users can choose and receive web feeds from their friends online activities, for example, Flickr photos, updates from specific blogs, recently played tracks and others. To use the service, Jaiku users should add to their respective Jabber-based IM client."
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