Friday, August 31, 2007

Infomania World - for Information addicts, web 2.0, techology resources -

Infomania World - for Information addicts, web 2.0, techology resources -: "Hi, my name is Ellen and I am an Infomaniac.

Helge: That's an interesting statement. I happen to know one too. Have seen him in the mirror this morning.

An Infomaniac is a person who knows a little about a lot of different topics, a data junkie or a collector of useful and useless information so to speak. Anyone who knows me knows that I fit into this category.

Helge: The definition is quite clear...

I know something about computers, health topics, current events, movies, t.v. and so much more. I dedicate this site to full fledged infomaniacs like me as well as budding Infomaniacs. My current focus these days is learning about the world of web 2.0.

Helge: That's the way it goes...

My blog, Confessions of an Infomaniac, records my travels through the world wide web by showing my links from and reviews of new and useful web applications. I also will continue to update news relevent to the ever changing world of the internet.

Helge: True, that's the way we travel. In the 90's we called it surfing or navigating. How many times have we been lost in translation?

Infomania World changes as time goes on. I find myself adding elements because of web applications I have found and taking away items that just don't seem that relevent anymore. Save this site to"
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