Sunday, August 05, 2007

Life On the Wicked Stage: Act 2

Helge: This is interesting. More critique against Internet. Web 2.0 has been criticized. The user generated mediocrity is and issue at seminars. The same has been with all technologies:

- Books and Printing
- The steam engine
- Railway
- Cars
- Electricity
- Movie, Film
- Radio, Television
- Nuclear Power
- Video
- Computers
- Games
- Internet
- Web 2.0

Life On the Wicked Stage: Act 2: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Broadband. Elton John thinks we should close the Internet in order to spur creativity. He thinks a five year shut down would get folks out from behind their keyboards and monitors and out communicating. And with all that talent we'd see an upsurge in creativity and better music.

Not sure I agree completely on the creativity point, but as far as the social aspect of entertainment and culture, I think getting folks out to listen to music and see plays would be a good thing. Don't think we need to shut down the Net to do so, though."

Helge: I got this from the blog of Warner Crocker. There is some truth in this. I use a lot of my daily life on the net. I've been here for quite some time. This summer, in Sotkamo, Finland, we've been doing quite a lot of outdoors work in the garden. It has been great for a change and some very creative solutions have materialized.

A lot of what happens on the net seems to twitter away and doesn't leave a jaiku in your mind, but concrete hands-on work does the trick. The same goes for live music or theater. Please, don't close the net yet, but it's a good idea to move between the virtual and real.


I'm an theatre producer, director, playwright, and the current Artistic Director of Wayside Theatre in Middletown, VA. I am also a Tablet PC enthusiast and participate in that community in many ways including formerly as a News Editor on Tablet PC Buzz and currently as a member of the team. I also have received a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award in the category of Tablet PC. Here's a blurb about the award:

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Program recognizes and thanks outstanding members of technical communities for their community participation and willingness to help others. The program celebrates the most active community members from around the world who provide invaluable online and offline expertise that enriches the community experience and makes a difference in technical communities featuring Microsoft products.

For more about my theatre career here's a link to my bio on Wayside Theatre's website

And here's a bit about this blog: The Second Act of Life On the Wicked Stage

Helge: I should ask about Second Life. I've some plans about business applications but haven't started to use it.

I choose to write about and share the things I enjoy. Tablet PCs and my life in the theatre. You'll also find things that amuse me, things that astound me, and occasionally things that tick me off in the occasional post here.

Helge: I blog about what I enjoy too. I didn't care about readership in the beginning but with Twitter and Jaiku there was a deeper understanding for the dialog.

Whatever your pleasure, if you're visiting, I hope you'll enjoy what you read and if you care to, feel free to leave a comment. Or you can email me at waywtc at gmail dot com.
Helge: We talk about how to transform Finland to a creative economy. Understanding the way creative people work and how they connect might give some insight into this mystical field: CREATIVITY.

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