Saturday, August 11, 2007

On getting "Winered" yesterday

Helge: From a distance, It looks like the US West Coast and Silicon Valley is a small village with the disputes and dialog's of neighbors. I've been following what happens at the Gnomdex over Twitter.

On getting "Winered" yesterday: "On getting 'Winered' yesterday My friend Dave Winer heckled me from the back row and threw me under the bus on this blog yesterday (insert 'with friends like these' joke here). Dave's complaint was a I was 'spamming' from the stage by talking about my latest passion (the internet's evironmental crisis) and my piece of the solution, Mahalo, I've never been heckled--heck, yelled at--like this in mind presentation in 12 years of speaking at events, let alone by a friend. Instead of trying to understand Dave's motives and delivery--which I am perplexed by--I'm letting my inner Jedi/Buddhist/Monk see past the person and delivery and into the issue. In other words, is something I can learn from the experience of being Winered?*"
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