Friday, August 03, 2007

search, social media and community evangelist

Social Media is spreading like a wildfire. But it's still a small minority of the globe that is embracing it. I guess it wan't be something evrybody uses, ever. It's however, thanks to Twitter and Jaiku that I get to know so many new people on this tiny globe.

search, social media and community evangelist: "Your 'message' is no longer in your hands - and truth be told, it never really was. There are thousands of blogs being created every week, each one searchable by the search engines.

Anyone, and everyone, can now be a self-published critic of anything and everything. And of course, it's not just blogs.

Sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Virb, YouTube and dozens of others are where people talk. The guys in this picture have thousands of online friends between them, and each of those friends has hundreds more."
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