Sunday, August 26, 2007

Social media, citizen media, grassroots media

Social Media: Social media, citizen media, grassroots media: "Social media, citizen media, grassroots media When you're living in a time of transition -- and, Lord knows, the mediasphere today is in flux writ large -- it's hard to see the trends that are taking shape. Part of the conversation, naturally, is shaped by the language we use to describe it.

When we launched Ourmedia in March 2005, our tagline read 'The global home for grassroots media.' We used grassroots media because there was no better term for the creation of personal media and the sharing of it in a public space, which turns it into something more than an isolated media work. We sure as hell weren't going to use the odious 'user-generated content.' (You can always spot a marketer from the way he uses the term without irony.)"

Helge: I'm also often confused with the word Social Media. How are the benefits of SM transformed to business applications? Still struggling with how to profile SM for business people with less exposure to SM.
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