Saturday, August 11, 2007

Susan Reynolds

Helge: I continue to blog about people I follow on Twitter. US bloggers and Social Media users have an advantage to Europe. Building communities much easier while You over there can communicate in English only. We've close to thirty nations, a much more diverse culture and a huge number of languages. I've decided to follow the evolution of Social Media in US while it's more dynamic than the European which happens more within the national limits and language barriers.


A woman who is interested in everything, I grew up on the banks of the Niagara River less than a mile from Canada, then spent a decade in the Philadelphia PA area before coming to Washington DC.

My bio page says "After work with various media outlets and directing art for a manufacturer, Susan shifted her focus to painting and independent projects while raising a family."

What that really means is that I worked in public relations, design and marketing in the government and corporate world; and taught studio art while juggling children and corporate wifedom. It was a lot like tap dancing while twirling flaming batons.

The children can now cook, use power tools and use the right fork. Though somehow I remained out of psychiatric hospitals I do not claim to have managed this unmedicated.

Using the bloggosphere, twitter and other social media I work with others to help them achieve the same sort of buzz about their projects and services that was generated for such things as my participation in an Traveling Flat Artists - a takeoff on the Flat Stanley books and artistamps from my imaginary Empire of Ephemeria.

All proving that even the most offbeat idea can work to bring attention to what you do in life - or in virtual reality.

Helge: Susan Reynolds on Twitter since April 2007.

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