Monday, September 17, 2007

The BFF blog about TechCrunch

The BFF: "This week at Yahoo At Techcrunch 40 this week, many commentators are expecting news from Google and Yahoo.

Last week Mashable reported Yahoo opening up (Kind of). Yahoo has an impressive API architecture and an amazing team of programmers, I hope they let rip this week and that they 'feed' all their services.

Steve Rubel has rightly complained about the lack of feeds on Yahoo's websites. To be honest, and I'm talking for myself, I really need those feeds. I will not visit a site because it does not have a feed.

If Yahoo is afraid of losing ad revenue, I'd say find a subtle way of sticking it in feeds. It works if you avoid overkill, otherwise I'll unsubscribe. Yahoo have a great new firefox plugin by the way. It you make websites, you'll probably need it.

It's called YSlow for firebug and how your pages are load performance is. It has loads of really clever tips."

Helge: I guess there are news from Yahoo this week. The destiny of Facebook is still open. It's been quiet about the Microsoft and Yahoo merger. What can we expect from Google?

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