Monday, September 03, 2007

Connecting Through Conversations

Helge: Connecting through Conversations rises the issue of how to educate digital citizens of the 21st century. The word Conversation is in the blog presentation. Blogging is a conversational media. Social Media sounds great but it's too general. A conversation and dialog is something that is easier to grasp. I work with issues, how to use the modern tools in business and community development. There's a long way go, these tools are familiar to a small minority. I did read that 8 % of US citizens have a blog. Europe is far behind. The European blogging capitals are Stockholm and Paris. UK and Sweden are strong in Social Media. Finland is proud of its High-tech heritage, but we aren't great bloggers and social media is just about to emerge. Early adopters are out here now.

Connecting Through Conversations: "In looking back on the process I believe my vision of education and what changes need to take place for students to be good digital citizens of the 21st century and the focus of the IU at this point are very different.

I strongly believe in the conversations taking place in many blogs which center on how pedagogy needs to change, and I am an agent for this change in the district I work. I have the privledge of working with teachers and students to change the way instruction is delivered and assessments are viewed.

In the last year I have worked with teachers and students who are interested in learning how to use the tools now available which enable them to become producers of information, not just consumers, and it has opened a new window into the classroom for some.

I get so excited when someone else has that aha moment when we talk sof using wikis, podcasts, blogs, images, to incorporate into the classroom."

Helge: I got this information throug Twitter. It's a great news distribution system.

Robin Ellis robinellis new blog post knowing I am where I am meant to be in life right now.

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