Monday, September 03, 2007

How Big Companies Could Use Social Media : []

Helge: Chris Brogan writes about, How big companies could use Social Media. Why do they not get into it? I guess, one reason is that big companies are used to tell us what we consumers need to know. They have figured out our needs. They do research, yes, study the markets and build profiles of different kind of users and make categories out of their studies. Every single consumer is boxed into some pre-selected category and that's it. Interactivity means they want us to answer their questions (market research and consumer studies). They don't want a dialog, that would be horrible. One to many is okay, but never one to one.

How Big Companies Could Use Social Media : []: "How Big Companies Could Use Social Media Filed Under Article My Saturn Vue. If I were GM, and I wanted to pump up the Saturn line of cars, I’d go online.

Chris Brogan is a social media and networking expert, focusing on community building.

I haven’t spent any money or much time researching this, but I will tell you that every Saturn owner I know is hip, Internet-savvy, and excited as hell about being part of the Saturn family. And it’s that last part that says why GM should come out and get us.

I’ve owned FIVE Saturns. Yep. Even though my last one was a used car and had problems from the day I bought it, I went and bought a new one the moment that one died. Five. And when people ask me about my car, I tell them about buying five.

I tell them about my brother’s Saturn (since sold), and my tax lady’s Saturn (passed 350,000 miles, and they still wouldn’t let her buy a new one). See the crazy exuberance? If there were a Saturn Lovers Facebook group, I’d join it.

If GM had a community evangelist in that group, asking for YouTube videos ranting about my Saturn, I’d go out and make one. If they wanted to do meetups, I’d probably go. (My friend, Barry, goes to Honda Element meetups.

asked him about them. “We just love our cars, but that’s only the start. Once we get together, we find things in common beyond that.”

And if my new Saturn group’s evangelist wanted to ping me occasionally for discounts on merch or whatever, cool. I’d say that’s okay. And if she wanted to give me sneak peeks of new Saturns, I’d probably do that too. And that’s just ONE car line. There are enthusiasts out there for most of the cars, right?

Imagine a Flickr group for Scion tweakers. It’s out there, I’m sure. The Harley guys must really have lots of this covered already, right?"

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