Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jason Calacanis

Garbage email, spammers, bloggers, search optimization, marketers.

Jason Calacanis started a new company, Mahaloo, that provides search results that promises to take out the spam, curating the Internet. How is JS going to scale the Mahaloo?
  • Crowd-sourcing
  • How do you address a search result problem with Google?
  • Making hard editorial decisions
  • How to get people to switch from Google to Mahaloo?
  • The human result
  • Key-word density of the page
  • It's a new sort of concept
  • No chance of having spam
  • Good, great or amazing
  • Gnomedex 07
  • What do marketers want to interrupt with.
  • Blog comments are becoming and disaster.
  • PR firms are coming in.
  • Users Generated Videos are coming into YouTube that are advertising.
  • The same thing about community pages.
  • Conference spam is also one thing.
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