Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Next Net

The Next Net: "My Next Job, at TechCrunch. So, I haven't said much about the demise of Business 2.0 or what I will be doing in the future (despite getting asked about it at least 50 times a day).

I will leave the carcass-picking to others. But I will also be leaving the magazine business to others. As of next week, I will become co-editor of TechCrunch with Michael Arrington.

It's tough to leave a place like Time Inc. after 14 years. I often felt I had one of the best jobs in journalism—finding and writing about the smartest people on the planet.

But over the past two years, as I had one foot in print and the other in the Web, the Web stuff just seemed to matter more—both to my readers and to me. So going all-digital seems like the natural thing to do.

I really do feel we are still at the very beginnings of what could become a vibrant Web media industry, with its own rules and its own consumption patterns. I can think of nothing more fun than trying to help Michael figure out what those rules are going to be and how to build a media company that can thrive under them.

I'm just glad he trusts an old-media guy like me not to screw up what he's already built. Beginning next week, I can be reached at erick at techcrunch."

Helge: Business 2.0 doesn't publish anymore. But there are lots of work for good writers, I guess.

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