Thursday, October 18, 2007

blogphiladelphia about "unconference"

Helge: This is an old post from July 2007 but I like to have it here to remind about "unconference" events. We've some plans for it here as well. –: "Your BlogPhiladelphia team continues to work as the “unconference” approaches - just a week away!

We’ll be adding some sessions at the end of this week - so just be aware that the schedule will expand from what is currently posted.

Thanks to everyone both in Philly and beyond who’ve

helped spread the word about BlogPhiladelphia via your blogs, podcasts, vlogs, online and mobile social networks, microblogging, virtual communities, avatars, IM, EVDO and more!
Your WOM support and participation is making this a must-attend social media event. Also, the venue is wifi’ed, so please, bring your laptops/webcams/podcasting equipment.

We encourage everyone to liveblog the event - these liveblog reports will be critical to spreading the information shared and learned at BlogPhiladelphia beyond those of us attending. There will be a sheet for liveblogging volunteers to sign at check-in.

During and after the unconference, we’ll send an email to everyone registered/attending with a list of blogs featuring coverage of the event and we’ll link you here on the official site for those out of market who can’t come."

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