Sunday, October 07, 2007

Connecting Through Conversations

Hello, I just got connected to Robin Ellis through Twitter. Robin Ellis is applying the same tools for classroom and learning environments as we are using for collaboration between networking companies and individuals. The tools are the same, the goals aren't so much different. Knowledge workers are continuously struggling with learning issues. But we tend to call them marketing, management or product development. Still, innovation and customer relationships are about learning from each other.


Connecting Through Conversations

Sharing ideas as we learn in an ever changing world

Connecting Through Conversations: "Our second week of Social Software in the Classroom was a great success! Our initial set up, getting everyone into our skype conference call did require patience on everyone’s part, there are limits as to how many you can have participating at one time.

Once over that hurdle our class moved through review of wikis, wonderful conversations as why use social software with students and also for personal professional development.

The expression of viewpoints during the conversations were varied and lead to an engaging exchange of ideas, which I believe are so valuable. Next week we will be talking about google tools, what they are, how to use them.

This is a learning experience for all of us, not only through the use of the tools, but the conversations we participate in as we go. Thanks to all who have joined us, see you next week. still a couple of glitches with technology, but compared to the week before things worked smoothly.

We had a some additional people join us which was great, our conversations were very good and it was another step in building a new community of learners for all of us."
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