Tuesday, October 16, 2007

HCSNet | The ARC Network in Human Communication Science

HCSNet | The ARC Network in Human Communication Science: "Welcome to HCSNet [Electrical readings at one of our participating laborotories] Welcome to the web site of HCSNet, the ARC Network in Human Communication Science.

HCSNet was awarded five years' funding by the Australian Research Council in late 2004. HCSNet promotes interdisciplinary research in speech, language, and sonics.

The Network connects leading and emerging researchers across disciplines via a number of funding schemes, exploits previously unrecognized intersections, supports interdisciplinary graduate training and exchanges, provides database storage infrastructure, and consults with industry and government to set new research agendas.

By generating an explosion of new approaches and knowledge, the network aims to build Australia's reputation as a leader in communication science and technology via advances in areas such as Speech, Effective Human-Computer Interfaces, Next Generation Search Technology, Human Communication Disorders, and Human and Machine Perception and Action."

Helge: Computer Assisted Ambient Intelligence...
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