Saturday, October 06, 2007

Žiga Vavpotič, blog » English

Helge: I blog about people all over the world. Ziga Twittered from Paris and I had a look at his blog. Found the English version.

Žiga Vavpotič, blog » English: "The blog is dedicated to all who believe in cooperation, who believe in connecting. To all who can praise, smile and hug. To all who think. Love, listen, laugh, cry, yawn, read, plan, help, value, respect, forgive, support and are happy. It is dedicated to all who would like to leave a mark towards a better and nicer world, towards personal happiness and mutual understanding.

Praise, recommendation, connection and cooperation should become a part of our everyday life. At work, in business, home, school, street, garden, cinema, abroad. Everywhere. Old and young, fat and slim, long-haired and bald, tall and short should leave a positive mark. Should dare, risk. Everyone should take a step toward living more honestly and contribute to the lives of other people. The red thread of the blog is personal growth.

We will debate, think and create together. We and other people. There will be advice from successful people, what was read and told here and there. We will praise everyone who deserves it; recommend the good ones, support connecting and cooperation. We will be happy for any success, we will be proud of victories, and help with failures. We will clap the loudest and cheer most lively, to all who want to leave a mark. We will be discovering interesting new projects, peep on and praise the neighbors."
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