Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'll be more active on XING

I get the message, "XING unveils new member profile," and promise to myself, I'll get back and become more involved with XING that in turn is promising me and other users the following:
  • All profile information clearly presented on a single page
  • Room for more detailed information and personalization
  • New info box allows members to indicate why they use XING
  • Profile can now be viewed and edited on a single page

Hamburg, Germany, September 27, 2007 – The international business networking platform XING ( continues to simplify global networking, and is announcing a new member profile design.


Starting this weekend, XING members will be able to include more career-related and personal information and details in their profiles. The new layout represents a further simplification of the XING member profile, increasing both the aesthetic appeal and ease of use of the XING profile.


The “edit in place” technology allows XING members to make changes to one or many data fields without leaving the main profile page, and all member information is now contained on a single page.


Furthermore, a new info box in the profile allows XING members to indicate their reasons for membership on the platform, allowing for more precise contact requests and inquiries. Members can approach each other in a more targeted manner, and discussions can be linked to concrete information found in profiles.


The new XING profile includes room for more information than before, allowing members to include a wealth of additional details on their career and education. New fields allow members to indicate the type of company and company size, details on positions, such as projects or areas of responsibility, as well as to indicate the career level of a past or present position. Finally, the new profile also includes fields where awards and additional qualifications can be entered.


The new design of the profile makes the XING platform into an integrated Web hub, providing a docking point and interface to other online activities of XING members. Users can now list other profiles they may have at other Web 2.0 providers, and provide direct links to these profiles.


These include for instance: Amazon, eBay, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Mister Wong,, Dopplr, Photobucket and Digg. In this way, XING can now be used to promote the many faces of virtual identity a XING member might have.


The process of converting millions of profiles to the new structure will further improve member experience on the platform and provide the ideal basis for continuing developments and services for implementing new applications and widgets on XING. In order to conduct this upgrade, the XING platform will be taken offline for a few hours on the coming weekend.

XING.Powering Relationships.

This newsletter has been written by moderator Heinrich Ballhaus of the group "XING Hungary - Ungarn - Magyarország".

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