Saturday, October 06, 2007

iTive Oy - Intelligent Solutions -

iTive Oy - Intelligent Solutions - "AKO goes 2.0 Written on 16 August 2007 The AKO Regional Development Program of the Suupohja Finnish region is on-line and is 2.0! The new AKO site is the first of a long upcoming serie of new generation websites. The interesting thing is that they will all be based on blog platforms in order to allow more interactivity between AKO and the community for which this regional development program is constantly working. This opening to the 2.0 open-source world doesn’t simply represent for AKO a great improvement in terms of services but it also confirm the great and innovative state of mind that has always put this regional development program among the best of Finland."

Helge: I see, you do some very interesting stuff, looks good, is professional and I see some interesting areas of cooperation, co-creation and partnership.
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