Monday, October 29, 2007

Marketing Roadmaps and Kat Herding

It was a year ago. I blogged about Kat Herding. Her satirical blog about Web 2.0 and social media was great. What happened to the blog? What is the life expectancy of popular blogs? Why don't they continue? I agree with Marketing Roadmaps.

Marketing Roadmaps: "Nov 17, 2006 Kat Herding A new blog burst on the blogosphere this week, and I am still laughing. Kat Herding. This is what a satirical character blog should be, and we should not be surprised that the 'site contributors' are Chris Locke and Jeneane Sessum, who get the absurd like no one else online.

Why do I like Kat, and I haven't always liked similar character blogs? Because apart from being funny and poking holes in Web 2.0 hype (something I will ALWAYS be for), it is honest. We don't have to look hard to know who is behind this effort.

Since RageBoy is probably the first* known character blogger, who can do it better? *Disclaimer: I have done no empirical research on whether RageBoy actually was the first character blogger, it is just a guess on my part, so please do not send me comments that he wasn't. I actually don't care one way or the other. I still think he's funny."

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