Sunday, October 14, 2007


Helge: Facebook, yes, I started to fool around with it this summer. I accept all the gadgets and look at pokes and write on the walls when I get the time. I had more time during the summer seasons. Now I have to rationalize how much I use on Social Media and other issues. Twitter and Jaiku are great sources of day to day info. Facebook is more like depository. A lot of information is integrated to my FB and I have a list of friends, sure, but I believe in the interactivity of microblogging.

MEDIABLITZ 2.0: "The Sky is Falling (re Facebook) Om Malik is very concerned because page views and unique users declined in the last month. He thinks they should have gone up because kids went back to school but
  1. the explosive growth in the Facebook audience comes from folks who don't go to school and
  2. hopefully most people use Facebook in their leisure time which they probably had more of in August.
I think there is also a burn out period, when people first get into something they spend a lot of time setting up their profile and adding friends and then ease into a maintenance period where they spend less time at the site and primarily go there when they get a notice that someone wrote them a message, wrote on their wall, super poked them, blah, blah, blah." Writes ANGELA. More information here.

Abhilash Ravishankar abhilash Facebook says I have more friends in Silicon Valley than in Schlumberger. One tight slap on my face eh?

Helge: That's a good point. Most of my FB friends are on-line friends, people I never met online. Most of my real phyiscal friends are not on FB. Facebook extends my community.

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