Thursday, October 11, 2007

SICU Newsletters 2007

Tomi Merilahti has been very active on XING for a long time. I receive his newsletters and we exchanged some information a long time ago. He is a truly networking entrepreneur and innovator.

Decided to profile him on my Digital Villages blog. My ID on XING is digitalvillages. More information on the SICU Newsletter 2007

SICU Newsletters 2007: "Synergy Newsletter, October 2007 This newsletter has been forwarded to my business contacts and friends globally, who are connected with the undersigned through divergent social networking platforms, such as
  • XING,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Facebook.., and to my
  • Finnish & international connections including an amount of
  • commercial- & non-profit organizations,
  • AD-, PR-agencies...
SICU is the acronym of the name and slogan 'Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected'. Ideas + Exchange + Energy = Synergy Synergy is energy moving in-sync.

The experience of being in-sync is characterized as feeling good, things are easy, everything is flowing, and we're in harmony.

Synergy is an elusive state of mind that occupies much of our daily strivings; simply it's the pressing desire to be happy.

Creating synergy is not a superficial pursuit for short-term gain, but a deeper blending of the wisdom from multiple perspectives that converges into a sense of fullness and appreciation for all that life can offer. Connect-to-Tom-to-be-Connected!"
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