Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ther Troops in Iraq!

Helge: How well do we Europeans understand the Iraq war? I guess not very well. We tend to think it's an all American affair.

Personally reflecting back to the II world war. My father was fighting against the Russians as an ordinary soldier. He didn't decide for the war. He was there doing his duty.

Finland has lost many wars against the superpower USSR [Russia] but this small country [5 mio] is still independent. Thanks to its committed soldiers with a lot of SISU and fighting power. They didn't have an alternative.

We've no clear idea (Europeans or Scands) about the motivations of this [US-Iraq] war. But there are people, young men and women like my dad, participating as common soldiers who didn't take part in the decision making. I wish we had a world without wars. I think, we need to understand what this mean on a personal level.

US, Iraq

Just wanted to clarify since folks are responding that they can't make it to Miami.

This is a virtual and global event. You do not have to physically attend.

This event was created to spread awareness that we are collecting holiday cards for our troops this holiday season.

We'd like everyone to get involved in some way. if you can't send cards maybe you'd like to sponsor a package of mail for just $5.

If spreading the word is your thing, maybe you can blog about it, twitter it, share it on facebook or spread the word by putting up a flyer. Get creative but help us make this year's campaign the best yet.

If you will be participating, blogging about this event or helping to promote this event please select attending. Help us spread the word and support our troops this holiday season.
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